"Scott Shelley is an extremely qualified personal trainer. Scott works closely with his clients and develops customized routines for each individual based on their needs. He does not have "cookie cutter" workouts. Scott takes the agony out of working out and his personality keeps everything light in the fact of doing tasks which challenge your fitness."
~ Tom Guarino
Mt. Laurel, NJ

"Scott's enthusiasm for his profession gets passed on to his clients!"
~ Pat & Ralph Melick
Medford, NJ

"I look forward to my weekly workout sessions with Beth.  She is punctual, professional, and always has a smile on her face.   She is sincerely interested in getting me in shape ( my boyfriend loves this ) and I trust the information and demonstration of different exercises that I perform on my BowFlex, free weights, and the exercise ball.  I feel more confident of my looks and my ability to stick with my wellness program for many years to come.   Beth has also helped me with improving my nutrition with different recipes and different food alternatives to reduce fat in my diet.  Choosing Elite has been one of my best decisions!"
~ Kathy Shepherd
Mt. Laurel, NJ

"At 55 years of age I felt a little out of shape and just not very aware of what to do for a fitness program so I contacted Elite Health and Fitness and talked to Scott Shelley and right away he made me feel very comfortable about wanting to start exercising again.  Scott helped me learn the basics about fitness and started me off with a program that built in difficulty over time.  I was never really sore and the way he explained everything I felt great about what I was doing.  After a short period of time I decided I really wanted to purchase enough exercise equipment to workout at home.  Scott set me up with tubes, bands, PowerBlock Dumbells, a bench (yes I have a bench, and even use it!!) and I was up and running (literally).  In a very short time after that I purchased a Polar watch to monitor my heart rate (yes from Scott--one stop shopping for all my fitness needs, plus I didn't have to figure out what was the best one, I had an expert in the field to figure that out for me).  I had always wondered how to accurately take my pulse and make sure I was working out at my target heart rate and now I can do it easily and effortlessly.    

I am so glad I decided to call Elite Health and Fitness Training.  They are professional, warm, friendly, on time for appointments, and truly interested in their clients.  I plan to continue to check in every few months to make sure I am doing the exercises the right way and to change my routine so I don't get bored and so my body stays in good shape.  My only complaint is with me not them—I only wish I had called sooner."

~ René Shepley-Ragan
Moorestown, NJ

"About a year ago, my husband and I decided we were not getting enough from our home-grown exercise program.  I mentioned to him that a woman I work with had been using a personal trainer with very positive results.  My husband contacted Elite and arranged to have us evaluated by the trainers.  Scott and Gian came out and did our fitness assessment, which was a bit of a disappointment to me.  I thought I was doing great on my own, but found out I had quite a way to go in my fitness regime.

Gian became our trainer last November (2001) and when we first started I could barely lift the 5 lb hand weights for most of the arm exercises.  I felt awkward and weak and was sure I didn't measure up to some of the more "advanced" clients.

Throughout the past year, Gian (and occasionally Scott) has been encouraging and helpful and assisted both me and my husband in reaching higher goals.  I am now able to work out using 15 or 20 pound weights, and most of the exercises come a lot easier and more naturally.  I have muscles in my arms, legs, abs, back and neck that never existed before.  Through this program, my husband and I have maintained a level of physical fitness we never would have realized without the trainers' help.

We would both highly recommend Elite Health and Fitness Training for anyone interested in getting more from a fitness program.  Also, for anyone who needs to get started but is not sure how to do so.  Working out has certainly become more challenging, more fun and more rewarding as the results become more noticeable over the months.  Thanks to Scott and Gian for helping us achieve excellent results!"

~ Randi & Alan Salkowitz
Voorhees, NJ

"Elite Health & Fitness Training has proven to me on numerous occasions that he is highly skilled in the area of fitness training as well as physical therapy. In fact, perhaps the greatest endorsement I have given Elite Health & Fitness Training, is to refer my own mother to his personal training services for post-rehabilitative care of her lower back."
~ Dr. Glenn Hyman
Now of Denver, Co

"In 1998, I turned 45 and was diagnosed with adult onset diabetes. I was told by my doctors that I would probably have to take a pill to control my blood sugars which were over 230 (normal is 80-120). After a few years I may even need insulin.

In an effort to avoid medication, I contacted a nutritionist and hired Elite Health & Fitness Training and decided to change my lifestyle. Scott gave me a step-by-step guided exercise program. In less than a year, my blood sugars gradually dropped and fasting tests were showing up in the normal and close to normal range (88-130). Lab tests over a three-month period (HGBA1C) went from 7.5 (high) to 5.2 (below normal). My doctor said that I had tricked my body into believing that I didn't have diabetes.

Other benefits have been a drop in total and LDL cholesterol, my potbelly was replaced with a much desired mid-line and I'm constantly being told that I look good and younger than my age. My best friend told me that I look like I have my head attached to someone else's body.

There are no tricks or magic formulas with Elite, just old fashioned hard work and dedication. Scott has been there consistently offering motivation and guidance. He makes it easy and fun.

Scott, along with my own continued effort, has put me in a healthier state of body and mind today than when I was in my 30's. I would highly recommend Elite Health & Fitness Training to anyone."

~ Roy Aumiller
Cherry Hill, NJ

"I have been working consistently with Elite Health & Fitness Training for the last 2 years and have been extremely satisfied with the personal fitness training services provided. Scott's approach is unique in the sense that he takes the time to not just take me through a work out, but to explain the concepts of fitness training. I found this to be very helpful to me in many ways and has kept me interested and consistent with my workouts."
~ Linda Aumiller, RN
Cherry Hill, NJ

"Scott, I wanted to let you know how thankful Matt has been that I got him the personal trainer as his birthday gift. I am extremely impressed with how you really work with what is in the home and what the client feels he/she is willing to do (i.e., time commitment and where/what they will do and not do). It has shortened his work out time compared to his walking program he was doing before you came along. I find him exercising all over our family room with all kinds of equipment (that we probably would not have looked for) on a regular basis. Your 10 week program is invaluable!"
~ Eva McCarthy
Haddonfield, NJ
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